Coaching for ADHD

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I (May) Have ADHD

Living with ADHD can be tough. Some days things work fine, some days, not so much. Sometimes your brain drives you crazy, sometimes other people just do not make sense. You struggle with executive function (see FAQs) so it can be difficult to effectively use your many ideas and talents, which is frustrating and makes you wonder why some stuff seems so easy for other people.

Coaching can help you live successfully with ADHD and make the most of your abilities in ways that work uniquely for you.

Coaching will help you:

  • Come to terms with your diagnosis and its impact on you and your life. This includes separating the ADHD from other possible causes like depression and anxiety so you can figure out how to address each one appropriately (see FAQs).
  • Understand how your brain works. You already know it doesn’t work like many other brains, even other brains with ADHD. Together we’ll figure out how yours works, including the ways you can best apply yours to your daily challenges.
  • Identify strategies and support structures that meet the specific demands of your life, from small things like putting keys in the same place, to big things like how to manage strong emotions so they don’t negatively impact your relationships. We look at strategies that were useful before and whether they can be tweaked to be so again.
  • Focus on a specific aspect of your life that is the most challenging for you or feels most urgent.

Ultimately, coaching is about finding what works for you so you are more resilient and can use those ideas and talents more effectively to achieve your goals.

My Partner or Child has ADHD

If you live with someone with ADHD, their struggle can be your struggle. You see all their wonderful qualities and are frustrated along with them if the rest of the world seems to only appreciate good executive functioning.

At the same time, you probably experience first-hand that ADHD can make relationships challenging: it can be hard not to take things personally if your partner has trouble regulating their emotions or forgets the most mundane things, again. Parenting a child with ADHD generally requires the patience of a saint and a lot of creativity to help them manage life constructively and grow into a confident adult that has strategies that work for their unique way of being them.

Coaching will help you:

  • Understand ADHD and the brain of your child/partner.
  • Work out which strategies you can use to support them.
  • Have your own space and sounding board to gain clarity and perspective.

Why Work With Me?

As a psychologist, I have extensive professional experience with working with both children and adults with ADHD. As a person, I find that some of my favourite people in the world live with ADHD. I love the idiosyncrasy, creativity and energy they have. I also see their struggle of dealing with having a different brain every day.

The Solution Focused approach I use is a really good fit for people with ADHD. It draws on existing strengths, and on figuring out what does work and how that can creatively be used in different ways to reach your goals.

I look forward to talking with you!


I've been working with Judith since my diagnosis, and our sessions have given me a place to explore who I really am now that I know I have ADHD. We've discovered tools I already have that I can apply elsewhere in my life, and explored new ways to address old challenges. She is also a constant for me when I forget that I forget things, and a comforting reminder that my strategies won't always be perfect, and that's okay too. She is a huge support in my life, and one of the major strategic pillars that enables me to achieve - and also celebrate - my goals in work and play.
I cannot recommend her highly enough.




Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), is a mental health disorder that affects both children/teenagers and adults. It involves difficulties with inattention (such as difficulty focusing, following through, organising, often forgetting or losing things), impulsivity/hyperactivity (such as moving constantly or feeling restless, difficulty regulating emotions, saying or doing things without thinking them through, interrupting) or both, that interfere with functioning at home, school work or in social situations. You can find out more about ADHD here.

Executive function is a set of cognitive processes and mental skills that help you plan, monitor, and successfully execute tasks or projects, such as the ability to control what you pay attention to, short term or working memory, impulse control and problem-solving. People with ADHD struggle with this.

Coaching can either take a practical approach, in which we look at what works for you and how to take actionable steps to move towards where you want to be, or we can focus more on emotional support and the untangling of why you struggle in any particular situation – or a combination of both. In each session we start by deciding which topics are important for you to address in the time we have, and then we make sure this gets done.

No, you don’t. If you are struggling with behaviour that you think may be ADHD, or looks like ADHD, coaching can help figure out what works for you to improve your life (all of it, or a particular area). This may be enough to get things back on track for you. Or it may be a step in deciding that you want to get an assessment to ascertain if you indeed meet the criteria for an ADHD-diagnosis so you can benefit from the support to which a diagnosis gives you access (such as, but not limited to, medication).

I only provide online coaching for ADHD. If you seek a diagnosis, contact a local health provider.

Of course. What is discussed in a session is private and confidential, so you can feel you can safely share anything that is of importance to you. This is true for all clients, children included. You can read more about how I work with children and how I ensure parents stay informed during this process by clicking here

Limits to confidentiality: If I believe that there is a likely imminent danger to a client or others, this can no longer be considered confidential. If at all possible, I will of course consult with the client on how to inform appropriate people/authorities before doing so.

As with coaching on other topics, I believe that in almost all cases parents (caregivers/significant adults in a child’s life) are best placed to support their child. My role is to equip you to do just that. Managing ADHD is all about finding out what works for your child, to ‘write the manual’ as it were. Coaching for children is therefore usually done with the parents – with or without the child present. We focus on finding strategies that work for you and your child. There can also be space to explore what kind of parent you would like to be for your child, and how to work towards this. 

Of course, we can decide it would be useful to have one or more sessions with your child too, to help explain things or for them to tell their story and ask questions.

One size does not fit all, so in our first session we will discuss your goals for coaching, so you can consider the resulting bespoke plan and whether you feel it will meet your needs.

This depends, of course, on the goals you have and how big they are. Sessions come in sets of 4 because it takes this number to dive in, look for insights, try out strategies, evaluate and modify them so they work for you. In our introduction session we will discuss your goals and the number of sessions. If you are looking for ongoing support (10+sessions) we can discuss rates. 

Please see my booking page for details of pricing and packages. Our first 30 minute session is free with no obligations.

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