when life abroad isn’t all palm trees and sunshine

Who doesn’t dream of a life abroad? An exciting job in a different country, moving across the globe, having adventures in exotic places, sea views from your balcony, coffee and croissants in Paris, weekly hiking trips in a rainforest, living in relative luxury in an expat community or making your own life in a place that you chose…  it’s the dream, right?

While all of this is amazing, expatriate life doesn’t only consist of idyllic snapshots. Life has ups and downs wherever you are and relocating comes with its own special variety of these.

Many expatriates find life abroad isn’t always easy. We can feel lonely, homesick or lost from time to time. Simultaneously finding your feet at work and adapting to a different culture, or finding a purpose in life if you’ve paused your own career to move with your partner, isn’t always a piece of cake. Doubt and frustration with the unexpected hassles of organising your life in another country are common. Added to this can be tensions in relationships, hard choices when loved ones ‘back home’ are having difficulties, and worries about raising kids away from their culture or across changing cultures.

Coaching will help you find your feet and get you back on track. It will help you

  • regain clarity on what you want – if this isn’t already crystal clear;
  • re-align yourself with what is important to you;
  • set clear goals and help you take practical steps to achieve them;
  • bring out the strong and happy person you know you are.

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Coaching gets you back in touch with what’s important to you. It offers practical steps that you can take immediately so that you quickly get back on your feet and make the decisions you want to make.

So don’t struggle on your own. It is not necessary to feel lost, lonely or stuck. Get in touch and you’ll be back on track in no time.

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