Coaching for CHANGE

Coaching for change:

  • Make the right decision.
  • Make a plan that works for you.
  • Navigate change until you’ve found your feet.

All change comes with some instability and adjusting to the new. Often that is within your comfort zone, and you just get on with it. If you are thinking about making a big decision, or feel it’s time for a change but you need some help figuring out just why, what and how, coaching will help you through the process.

The process of successfully managing change generally looks like this:

  • Get clarity on what needs to change and why, who this affects and how, and what the main priorities that need to be considered are.
  • Make the decision to change (or not) for the right reasons – whatever they are for you.
  • Work out what your plan is and, if applicable, how this affects significant others and how to meet their needs in the process.
  • Manage the process of change as elegantly as possible and managing wobbles such as doubt or unforeseen difficulties along the way.

Coaching can be about one or all of the steps above – depending on what you is most useful to you.

‘Change’ sounds pretty general, for what kind of change do I need coaching?

I work with clients who are contemplating or making a significant change. What ‘significant’ is to you depends on you, you, your circumstances and your comfort zone.

Topics range from changing jobs or career, relocating abroad (see here), and navigating a new (mental) health diagnosis, but can also be about managing (professional or personal) relationships in a different way. Or maybe you have made a change that hasn’t worked out well, and you want to make sure the next steps you take work better for you.

In all cases, coaching offers a sounding board and a space to consider your options, so you can either confidently take the next step, or be very clear why it’s not the right move for you.

For Organisations

I provide individual coaching to both private and business clients.

If you are a business interested in a larger program around organisational or culture change, I partner with The Hive to provide training and consultancy to get your organisation from where you are to where you want to be.

If you are interested in creating or strengthening the continued development of your staff and lifelong learning within your organisation, I partner with Career Learning Group in providing tailor made solutions for your organisation.

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