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Making the Right Decision

The thing is, when it comes to relocating, there is no one right decision. Well, there is of course, but what that right decision is, depends on you – on who you are, what is important for you, and where you’re at in life. So how do you clarify all of that? Read on to find out your non-negotiables…

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Tips and Strategies

Should I stay or should I go?

‘What if I regret this?’

This question is definitely a biggy with those seriously thinking about relocating. And while there is much to say about regret, the most important thing to remember is: people are far more likely to regret what they didn’t do, than regret what they actually did…

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Ben je gelukkig daar?

Een lieve collega die ik al een tijdje niet gesproken had vroeg me ‘En? Ben je gelukkig daar?’  Ik merkte dat ik niet meteen ‘Ja!

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