Parenting A Child With ADHD


Parenting a child with ADHD 

AKA Parenting your fabulous, daydreamy and/or loud and/or energetic child

What works for another child doesn’t necessarily work for yours. And it’s frustrating for both of you to keep trying things that don’t work. 

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If any of these sound like where you are, I can help: 

  • You sense things at home could be easier – more relaxed, maybe more effective? 
  • You’re worried your child isn’t quite thriving 
  • You struggle with your child being forgetful, late, disorganised, etc. 
  • You just want to understand your child better
  • You feel like you’re telling your child off more than you’d like
  • You want to grow your parenting strategies

I can help you either to manage a specific issue or event (getting chores done, starting a new school, or managing relationships with friends better, for example), or I can work with you on longer term strategies, including how to support your child in their education, how to incorporate specific strategies that work for your ADHD child in your parenting repertoire, or gain clarity on how to be the parent you want to be even when things aren’t easy.

Working with me will help you grow more effective strategies, reduce your frustration and worry, and give you the capacity to better advocate for your child. You don’t have to do this by yourself. 

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Speaking to Judith helped enormously with understanding the difficulties my son may be facing every day with the tasks and decision making. It was so helpful to see the world from his eyes for a minute and realise that all I need to do is accept that his brain works a little differently to mine. To be able to stop comparing him to other people's children and just concentrate on helping him navigate the world in his way, was so refreshing. Judith has a wonderfully calm, grounded way of offering alternatives to help reframe preconceptions and ingrained beliefs. She has a wonderful matter of fact warmth that is very comforting. I would highly recommend talking to Judith if you feel overwhelmed, confused, stuck, worried, or just discombobulated. It has improved my relationship with my son so much.

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