Parenting When You Have ADHD

Parenting when you have ADHD 

Parenting is hard enough already, parenting with ADHD even more so. You don’t have to figure it all out by yourself. 

If any of these sound like you, I can help:

  • You are a parent who recently found out you have ADHD
  • There is a specific thing you need to deal with now, because you child going through something difficult 
  • You want to increase your bandwidth for parenting
  • You want to fine tune or review your parenting strategies
  • You want to fine tune your strategies for balancing work, life  and parenting

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Kids are wonderful and parenting is, too. It is also hard and can be relentless, it requires a stack of patience. There are skills and talents that don’t always come easy to an ADHD brain and there are also parenting skills that suit an ADHD brain beautifully. So, together you and I will identify your strategies and talents, explore if they could be implemented more effectively, or in more situations, and come up with a practical plan for the rest.

Working with me will help you find and maintain clarity, perspective and confidence in your parenting. You will grow your resilience and your practical strategies. In short, it will help you be a more relaxed, more consistent, more engaged with your child(ren) – or whatever it is you want to be ‘more’ of.

Book in your free consultation, or contact me to book a package.

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