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About me professionally

After 15 years of working as a psychologist in various clinical and education settings, I started by own coaching and training business in 2017. [Read more]

About me personally

I studied psychology out of a desire to better understand what makes people (yes, that included me) tick and why they do what they do. This remains fascinating to me to this day. The decision to go travelling for a year in my early twenties brought me…[Read more]

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About me professionally

For 15 years I worked as a psychologist in various clinical settings (hospital, mental health, private practice, rehabilitation) and in education (international schools, mainstream and special education). My clients were adults, children, parents, families, partners, teachers, teams and employees. I also provided training and supervision within and outside the various organizations where I worked. I loved my job, especially the clients I worked with, and I always felt privileged to be invited into their lives, to share a part of their journey and to hopefully contribute in a positive way.

In 2017, I plotted a new course that is all about growth and development, and started my own coaching and training business. To my coaching practice I bring my professional experience as a psychologist and training as a coach, as well as my personal experience of change both in the sense of continued professional growth (you may have noticed the number of fields I worked in), as well in my private life where there have been several international relocations, just to name an example. So I also bring the empathy that comes from knowing that change can be simplified, as in, it can be very clear what the next step is, but that does not always mean it is easy.

As well as providing coaching, I design and deliver training on various aspects of leadership, growth and (career) development. For this, I often work in partnership with other organisations such as Loopbaangroep (Career Learning Group), a leading educator in career competencies in the Netherlands, and The Hive, which offers consultancy and training programmes in organizational change and transformation.

How I work

I am familiar with different coaching modalities, but I prefer to work with the principles and tools of solution-focused coaching, as it is practical and positive (based on Solution Focused Brief Therapy, wiki-link here). This means I help my clients to clarify their goals, or what their desired future looks like. We then focus on what is possible, what my clients’ strengths are, and how to best use these to pursue the direction they wish to go.

I use other approaches as necessary, so if my client benefits from using a more creative approach, or needs work on a deeper level to examine ways of thinking, or uncovering underlying patterns that may have been useful once but no longer serve, that is what we’ll do.

I am goal-oriented, practical, resourceful, honest and I don’t beat around the bush; I will ask difficult questions if necessary to help my clients move past what is holding them back. I am also empathetic and aware they will need to feel supported to do so. I always strive to keep up to date on the latest developments my field.

I am currently based in France but happy to work online in every different time zone. For more information on how I can work with you and my price guide, click the button below to book a free 30 minute, no obligation free consultation with me.

Judith is always exactly what you need. In my case she took a pretty direct approach - she didn’t beat around the bush and called things as they were. She wasn’t particularly concerned about making me feel good - she was concerned about helping me move forward. Having said that, she is warm, analytical and has a lot of empathy, a pure view on life and a great sense of humor. I still had to do the work myself, but not alone

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About me personally

I studied psychology out of a desire to better understand what makes people (yes, that included me) tick and why they do what they do. This remains fascinating to me to this day. The decision to go travelling for a year in my early twenties brought me a (better) understanding that there are many ways to lives one’s life, many different perspectives on what is right or important and that many of those are equally valid to mine. I saw many amazing places, met incredible people, did volunteer work, and fell in love on a beach.

And so, having seen a bit of the world, that wasn’t nearly enough. I emigrated to New Zealand (with the guy from the beach) and loved it. There was a lot of freedom in starting somewhere else and finding we could build a good life there too. Since then, we started a family, moved back to The Netherlands and some years later to France. So change has been a bit of a constant. Some changes have been great opportunities for growth, sometimes I realised on the outside my life looked different but inside I was still the same. Usually I’ve embraced the new with enthusiasm, and at times I’ve freaked out and decided that was it, I’d never ever change [insert appropriate situation – house, career, job, country, etc] again. Until I got curious about something, or an interesting opportunity presented itself, life happened, or I decided it was, well, time for [insert new appropriate situation]. 

So here I am, building another new life. Between us we work in France, the Netherlands, the UK and elsewhere, and across the world using most video-link options known to man. We planted a vegetable garden and over a hundred trees, there’s some chickens, pigs and a sheep or two. We have tri-lingual children and a dog. I’m in a good place. But whatever I do, things will evolve and change in some way. How exciting.

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